Business Culture

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide high-quality services maintaining a “SAFE” working environment. Building on our safety culture, we intend in building long-term relationships with our clients which would ensure profitable and stable contracts.

Our Goals
  • Safety & Quality First
  • Passenger Satisfaction
  • Customer Delight
  • Maximize shareholders value
Our Values

We believe in “Walking the Talk” and “Talking the Walk”.


We strive for continuous improvement , reliability, quality and Safety. We remain committed in investing and empowering our employees through adequate training and progressive career paths.


We focus on the elimination of hazards and protecting people, property and our environment. Our Motto : SAFETY & QUALITY FIRST.


We are dedicated in ensuring we understand our customer needs and expectations.

Commitment to Safety and Quality

Although it is the company policy not to take punitive action or retaliation towards an employee who reports of accidents yet AIRCO will take disciplinary action against any employee who willfully or repeatedly violates the rules, policies and procedures contained in this Safety Management System manual.

The Action may include remedial training, verbal or written reprimands and may ultimately result in termination of employment.

The AIRCO Safety Management System applies to the following company activities

  • Handling of passengers in the terminal buildings.
  • Handling of passengers on the apron.
  • Aircraft cleaning and line services.
  • Loading and unloading of aircraft.
  • Handling and storage of cargo.
  • Acceptance and delivery of cargo.
  • Ramp duties.
  • Administrative activities.
  • Use of company vehicles.
  • Operating GSE at the airside.
  • Equipment Maintenance.