About Us


Mwanza Ground Handling Company Ltd (AIRCO) is a limited liability company that was incorporated in Tanzania on 6th September 2000 under certificate no 39940. AIRCO has been providing ground handling services at Mwanza Airport since January 2001 using a comprehensive set of equipment necessary for handling all types of aircraft from wide body passenger jet, to wide body all – cargo aircraft to regular turbo prop. At the moment it holds a class I(one) license from TCAA to operate at all major airports in Tanzania.

AIRCO has extensive experience in aircraft handling at Mwanza Airport. In addition it has implemented an approach in its management that enable it to meet the quality control specified by IATA also safety and security management as required by TCAA and ICAO. Among its personnel there are people who have been in ground handling sector for over 20 years in passenger handling, cargo, and ramp activities for handling all types of aircraft. AIRCO has the expertise with knowledgeable personnel which has enabled to extend its operations to Juba International Airport in the Republic of Southern Sudan by acquiring majority shares of Solution Quick Services operating at Juba International Airport.

AIRCO is in contact with most of the major manufacturers and suppliers of reliable and standard equipment for the safe and smooth handling of aircraft on ground.